Jim and Judy Ford


He did it to honor his dad. Jim Ford established a scholarship in 1980 to honor Charles “Ben” Ford, ’35, who Jim called “a wonderful educator” who was ”under appreciated.”

Tim Devine, a physical education and health education major, met Jim Ford’s mother, Marian, the night he was awarded the first $500 scholarship. After the Fords met Devine, ’84, and received a thank-you from him, they doubled the amount.

Three decades later, the Charles E. Ford scholarship also honors Marian who earned a UWL teaching certificate. Most recipients have followed Ben’s teaching path — including Devine who has taught and coached in Colfax for 30-plus years.

Because of the scholarship’s impact, Devine didn’t hesitate to give back to his alma mater by reviewing scholarship applications. He was shocked when he received the Ford scholarship to review.

Reviewing apps reconnected Devine with the Fords. Jim says it’s special seeing that Devine “exemplifies what we have envisioned as an outcome from the scholarships.”


Jim and his wife, Judy, recently increased the scholarship so three, $5,000 scholarships are awarded. He’s sure his dad would approve.

“We feel strongly about training the best possible students for careers in education,” says Jim.